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  • I was asked recently if there is a way to reduce the node failover time in router node HA (High Availability) deployments, so I'm answering it here in case others have the same question. For background: a periodic heartbeat is generated between two 128T ...

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    Apart from the "obvious" use case of source-nat (i.e. NAT'ing outbound packets to allow private networks to access the internet), are there any other use cases or handy tricks that can be made happen by enabling  network-interface > source-nat ? ------------------------------ ...

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    Hi Jason, Packet retransmission service-policy config enables caching and retransmission for a service. One can define this for TCP, UDP, or any stream by specifying an appropriate service. If one wants to do this only for UDP packets where it makes ...

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    Hi Jessie, Right now, this group only holds ISO documentation. We are currently working on an ISO downloads section for the community. When that's complete, members will be promptly notified.  For now, please just follow your current process ...

  • As of #4.0.0 , one parameter has been deprecated. Here's an example of the LTE recommended BFD settings in 4.0.0: admin@grimlock.seattle-site-02-lanner# configure authority router seattle-site-02-lanner node grimlock device-interface lte-wan network-interface ...

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