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  • The advent of AR/VR, autonomous cars, smart everything, IoT, and other 5G applications requires processing of data at the edge of the network to shave off response times, manage core bandwidth, and improve security. This drives the requirement for having high performance low- cost compute at edge locations along with intelligent discovery and routing to connect end-user devices to these locations. In this webinar we will discuss how Session Smart™ routers running on Nodegrid can enable the Smart Edge. We will share real world deployment experiences on how KAEMI is providing managed services utilizing Tunnel-free SD-WANs on the ZPE Systems platform to connect to public clouds as well as to build the Smart Edge close to users. Speakers: Rene Neumann, EU Solutions Engineering Manager, ZPE Systems Sven Launspach, CEO, KAEMI GmbH Ritesh Mukherjee, VP Product Management, 128 Technology