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  • Posted in: Junos OS

    Hi, I researched a while for MX304. Seem MX304 MX304-LMIC16 supports 10G interfaces. But I checked that the Line card only provides 400G/100G ports. Understand this situation, it can only support 100G/40G/25G SFP. How can I use 10G SPF to connect with other device ? Is there any module ...

  • Hello Josh, Thank you very much. It would be a very good news for the JNCIS-DC :) Best regards ------------------------------ Fab S ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Routing

    Hi, Link-protection is considered as part of LFA (Loop-free alternate), which is available both for OSPF and IS-IS. For OSPF, check the link below - https://www.juniper.net/documentation/us/en/software/junos/ospf/topics/topic-map/configuring-loop-free-alternate-routes-for-ospf.html Very important ...

  • Posted in: Routing

    Hi everyone, I am looking for an example for OSPF link protection ( no MPLS), any good recommendation ? I have been finding MPLS based link protection material but not so great stuff on just OSPF link protection. Thanks!! ------------------------------ Be kind!! --------------------------- ...

  • Posted in: Routing

    Hi Farid, I send a new post replying to my inital of last evening, if you can take a look. Thank you ------------------------------ Xine ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Routing

    Hi Dmitriy, I send a new post replying to my inital of last evening, if you can take a look. Thank you ------------------------------ Xine ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Routing

    Hi, I discussed with a colleague this afternoon and we have finally find a way to make it work. BGP session between PE1 and PE2 has been disabled. The following configuration been applied on PE1 set policy-options policy-statement EGRESS_LDP term EXPORT from protocol direct set policy-options ...

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  • Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    Details of LLM inference workflow, how it differs from training, the many hardware/software optimizations that go into making inference efficient, and the Inference hardware landscape. Article initially published on LinkedIn in January 2024 at: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/llm-inference-hwsw-optimizations-sharada-yeluri-wfdyc/ It's a sequel ...

  • Blog Entry
    Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    It is often stated that most network outages occur as a result of changes having been made to the system. There have been many notable examples of this, and they have all affected us. Precise management of network changes is, in fact, one of the key benefits of network automation solutions. Data centers require frequent changes to meet the daily needs ...

  • Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    Although good old Junos SNMP MIB is very rich on every platform, occasionally some specific stats could have been handy. For example, number of sessions per IP protocol on SRX. No problem! Blast from the past Junos utility MIB tooling allows expansion of MIB by anything retrievable using RPCs. This short Tech Post aims to give a good starting point ...

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