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  • Posted in: Switching

    What does RTR ID mean ? Routing instance : default-switch Vlan MAC MAC Age Logical NH RTR name address flags interface Index ID VLAN104 08:05:e2:07:17:7a ...

  • Posted in: Switching

    Hi Gavin, The IP was configured manually, I can not ping this IP, can not ping other IP's from ex3400. Attachment is the output file from the console commands. Thanks for your kindly help. it took me a week to configure and test this device but still not figure out what's wrong?! ...

  • Posted in: Routing

    Hi, let me explain a bit better the scenario. We are migrating an MPLS network based on a vendor different from Juniper, to MX960. The network is composed of about 40 PEs with around 50 VRFs. In the current situation we have a huge amount of leaking between VRFs realized via static routes having ...

  • Posted in: Switching

    Hi Johnny, Sorry you are having trouble with this initial setup. If the device is in factory default this should be as straightforward as you expected. I see your interface irb.0 has an interface, is this the IP you configured manually? are you able to ping this IP? Are you able ...

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    RE: SRX320 routing

    Posted in: SRX

    Hi Ivan, What is happening for you here is asymmetric routing... Your host 1.186 does not know where the 192.168.20 network resides so it sends traffic to its default route (FWA) FWA hairpins the traffic back to FWB, which passes traffic to 20.2 However, reply traffic from 20.2 reaches FWB ...

  • Posted in: Switching

    This might be this software bug outlined in PR 1406242. https://prsearch.juniper.net/problemreport/PR1406242 What is your Junos version? ------------------------------ Steve Puluka BSEET - Juniper Ambassador IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro Ethernet & ISP - Retired) http://puluka.com/home ...

  • Posted in: SD-WAN

    Hello Everyone! <o:p></o:p> I hope you are all doing well! I had a busy November, but it was all good. In fact, last week was Thanksgiving in the States. Thanksgiving is a great holiday because it is a chance to get together with your family and share what you are thankful for. We also eat a ...

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    Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    Solving the low entropy problem of the AI/ML training workloads in the Ethernet Fabrics. Guess how many active IP flows a single GPU normally sends while synchronizing training data with other GPUs? It is only 1. And the traffic is sent at the interface rate, 400Gbps these days. This Techpost gathered two articles initially published on ...

  • Blog Entry
    Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    MX304 installs the full Internet tables at 47,000 routes per second, and we will show you how we are testing it. Introduction If you test the MX304 in the lab in front of route/traffic generator, you will see an impressive result of 50,000 prefixes / seconds programmed in hardware. But on the Internet, your MX will receive real routes from actual ...

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    Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    Apstra supports Drain Mode for managed switches, allowing the operator to gracefully drain traffic from devices without simply shutting down the BGP neighbor relationships. This article is derived from original documentation by Josh Saul Introduction This is implemented through modifications to the BGP process (inbound/outbound route-maps) ...

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