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    Hi Adam, sure we'll do that. I don't know what is causing the problem because the NTP packet looks good, and we are running 4.5.5 Thank you for your answers ------------------------------ ________________________________________ Andréas Moussaud Network ...

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    Hi, Is there a document explaining the procedure for changing the conductor's IP address? Specifically, I wanted to know if this is possible without restarting the routers + not loosing router connectivity? Any tips on how to achieve this will be appreciated. ...

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    Hi,Mr. Adam Morris Thanks for the response. Thanks to you very much, I was able to get the up/down information of the router interface from the conductor. ------------------------------ Kenji Akiyoshi ------------------------------

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  • Please join Tom Nolle, president and founder of CIMI Corporation, and Patrick MeLampy, Juniper Fellow at Juniper Networks (former founder and  CTO/COO of 128 Technology), as they share their SD-WAN thoughts and predictions for the new year.  In this webinar, Tom and Patrick will discuss: - Changing network structures due to COVID-19 - The role of AI in improving connectivity - How to simplify a complex set of networking functions - How to enable secure and reliable connections between employees, partners and customers