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Latest Discussions

  • Posted in: Junos OS

    Hello! I'm playing around with telemetry and think i have found a bug in the ipv4/ipv6 usage resource: /junos/system/linecard/interface/logical/family/ipv4/usage/ /junos/system/linecard/interface/logical/family/ipv6/usage/ I'm pushing the telemetry data into Influx and testing each inet family with ...

  • Posted in: Routing

    Hi William, this is normal, you are blocking the traffic with the firewall filter under the interface, so even if you have a security policy allowing the service, the interface filter will still block it: firewall { filter XBOX { term XBOX-ALLOW { from { protocol ...

  • Profile Picture

    Problem with transfer-on-commit option

    Posted in: Junos OS

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hello, I have the transfer-on commit option configured on several switches. set system archival configuration transfer-on-commit In some switches, the option works fine. Oct 21 09:48:58 SW-01 mgd[12778]: UI_COMMIT_COMPLETED: commit complete ...

  • Posted in: SRX

    Good day, Your instructions was helpful for me, I noticed the configuration for the dhcp still exist after deleting the dhcp servics. In case I need to activate the dhcp agin what is the command I need to use. Thanks ------------------------------ FA ------------------------------

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