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    RE: Routing Issue

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    Hi, Thanks for the reply, I traced the fault to a misconfiguration on the VM. One LAN facing nic was configured as VXNET not e1000. Ping woked fine but any TCP or UDP packets threw up high numbers of CRC errors. I didn't initallly spot this was when ...

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    It's an old thread but it may help some folks: In order to use IP-ranges in Child-Tenants, I used multiple Subnets definitions within the "Tenant-member" object: (= ...

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    Hi @Paulo Machado ​i s there a new way to get ha working with hyper-V? Because the ha interface needs to be a „ethernet interface" and we only have a bridge one because of the pci-address thing. Same with VMware and VMXNET3. Mirco.

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