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  • Posted in: Automation

    Basic python script which will recover for you the IP of a specific subnet where the third octect in this particular scenario is the determining element. This sample script will be then modified and integrated in a Python ZTP script downloaded and executed by the device at bootup so it can be automatically ...

  • Posted in: SRX

    Hi, Does anyone happen to know what the Qemu options should be for the vSRX in GNS3 under Avanced-->Options? (Intel or AMD) For ex, something like below for vJunos-switch on Intel: vJunos-switch: qemu_options: -machine type=pc,accel=kvm -serial mon:stdio -nographic -smbios ...

  • Posted in: Switching

    Interestingly, the EX3400 hardware guide has no warnings (that I can find) regarding mixing AC and DC! You can compare the EX4300 and EX3400 hardware guides yourself. In the EX4300 power section, warnings are there, but not for the EX3400. https://www.juniper.net/documentation/us/en/hardware/ex3400/topics/topic-map/ex3400-power-system.html ...

  • Posted in: Junos OS

    Hi, May I know how to do this feature? Thanks. ------------------------------ Tokumasa Sanada ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Junos OS

    Hi, All firewall vendor can do this feature. On Juniper SRX it's need license UTM. Thanks

  • Hi, If u familiar with vLab then u will know it. U need to purchase Jncie Bundle Lab JNCIE-ENT so u can know how look like in real exam. Thanks

  • Posted in: Junos OS

    Could you please allow access and download for EX2300-C switches? Additionally, advised how to fix OS unable to boot on EX2300-C switches. ------------------------------ bunlong leng ------------------------------

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    Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    Using Juniper vSRX on hardware with constrained resources, typically a mini-PC serving as flexible Internet gateway. Those are lately very popular due to low footprint yet with capabilities making them suitable for running virtual machines. Introduction At very minimum, a mini-PC is tool for engineers to have x86 based SRX ( vSRX ) at home ...

  • Blog Entry
    Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    PTX Express 5 ASIC has full support for SRv6 with up to 8 carrier segment identifiers (SIDs) in a packet. That translates to 48 micro-SIDs (uSIDs), enough to pass a packet around the world! Following is a description of how SRv6 was implemented in the ASIC. Introduction The large-sized headers and distinct processing steps associated with SRv6 ...

  • Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    Express5 has leap frogged in terms of Route scale, thanks to a novel approach in implementing the route table memory. This article is part of a series of publications on Express5: Express 5 Overview: https://community.juniper.net/blogs/dmitry-shokarev1/2024/03/12/express-5-overview Introducing PTX10002-36QDD: ...

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