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    Hi Mirco, It looks like the wireguard dependencies on your router are not properly installed. I recommend to use the conductor-only setting at router > system > software-update > repository in order to allow the router to install the needed dependencies. ...

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    @Jeff Bragdon overlapping IP space isn't really a factor in my purposed design. In the purposed design, if Site A is going to be down long enough to want to initiate a failover, then I would be spinning up a snapshot of the 128T router VM that routes ...

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    The workaround works fine for normal interfaces (type external), but we cannot configure HA interfaces : "Cannot configure a non-forwarding host or bridged interface" "Only non-forwarding fabric or shared interfaces of type "ethernet" are allowed" ------------------------------ ...

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  • Federal agencies are working to meet the expectations of a workforce that requires simple, secure, and scalable access to data and applications. The Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) Framework, originally designed to provide security guidelines for agency networks, was not well suited for the cloud first world of IT. The new TIC 3.0 framework provides new guidance that enables reliable and secure cloud access, branch office connectivity, and a high quality remote user experience. 128 Technology’s tunnel-free networking solution inherently enables SASE and ZTNA to meet the spirit and intent of TIC 3.0. In this webinar we will learn more about - The TIC 3.0 framework - The TIC 3.0 Use Cases - How 128 Technology is ideal for TIC 3.0 use cases
  • The advent of AR/VR, autonomous cars, smart everything, IoT, and other 5G applications requires processing of data at the edge of the network to shave off response times, manage core bandwidth, and improve security. This drives the requirement for having high performance low- cost compute at edge locations along with intelligent discovery and routing to connect end-user devices to these locations. In this webinar we will discuss how Session Smart™ routers running on Nodegrid can enable the Smart Edge. We will share real world deployment experiences on how KAEMI is providing managed services utilizing Tunnel-free SD-WANs on the ZPE Systems platform to connect to public clouds as well as to build the Smart Edge close to users. Speakers: Rene Neumann, EU Solutions Engineering Manager, ZPE Systems Sven Launspach, CEO, KAEMI GmbH Ritesh Mukherjee, VP Product Management, 128 Technology
  • Although the 128 Technology GUI is very powerful, there are many people who still prefer to use the PCLI to do their troubleshooting. The PCLI offers many useful “show” commands. But, which of the many show commands are the most useful to use for your network? This webinar will go over: 1. How to log into the PCLI 2. How to view the help in the PCLI 3. How to read many of the show command tables 4. How to use Linux commands while inside the PCLI