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  • Posted in: Switching

    We would like to be able to have our switches react to events on our UPSes. Example:" If UPS has less than 5 min of battery left, power down the switch. " We would have other commands for other UPS events. I just don't know how to pass an event into the switch to evaluate and run a CLI command based ...

  • Posted in: SRX

    Showing the uptime before rebooting is very typical of JunOS. At any rate, have you tried just turning it off completely and then starting it back up? What's the output then? ------------------------------ Nikolay Semov ------------------------------

  • Posted in: SRX

    So it does. Maybe thats a virtualisation thing? The vSRX is a node in eve-ng. Eve is a vm in vmware workstation. So that error is showing after the srx reboots. Uptime shouldnt be 8m so must be eve's uptime. Thanks, Sent from Proton Secure Mail.

  • Posted in: Junos OS

    Hello Usman, A direct upgrade on EX4300 from 14.1X53 to 21.4 is possible based on the test performed in the Juniper lab with baseline configuration and no line cards. It is highly recommended to test the upgrade in your lab with the complete configuration and line cards before implementing the same ...

  • Posted in: SRX

    In the output you provided, the "Uptime: 8m16s" suggests that all the output is prior to the actual reboot. [IT Crowd] Have you tried turning it off and on again? What's displayed after that? ------------------------------ Nikolay Semov ------------------------------

  • Posted in: Junos OS

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Of course, the official recommendation is to go in stages. It totally depends on your configuration. If its basic layer 2 and layer 3 config, you can jump as high as you want. On my 5100, running 14.x I jumped directly to 21.x and it went ...

  • Posted in: Junos OS

    Hi Guys, Hope you all are doing well, i need a support here as i recently joined the organization and noticed that one of my device EX4300 which is currently configured in VC and its running on outdated Junos current OS is 14.1X53-D46.7, while planning for upgrade to stable OS, i got to know that ...

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  • Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    A primer/survey for networking and cyber security enthusiasts interested in the evolution of this field. This article was initially published on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/evolution-network-security-survey-sharada-yeluri-cwglc Since its inception, network security has undergone significant transformations, evolving from basic ...

  • MAP-T with Junos

    Blog Entry
    Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    Junos OS 23.4R1 introduces Mapping of Address and Port using Translation (MAP-T) as an adaptive service on Juniper MX Series routers equipped with Trio Silicon. MAP-T is a stateless NAT64-based solution designed to facilitate seamless IPv4 to IPv6 transition within IPv6 domains. This technology optimizes address utilization by allowing multiple customer ...

  • Blog Entry
    Posted to: TechPost Blogs

    Efficient stateless load-balancing on Trio-based routers, offering optimal performance and reliability. Introduction Junos OS 24.2 introduces an innovative feature on the Juniper MX platform powered by the Juniper Trio chipset: symmetrical load balancing. This new capability enhances the router with efficient stateless load ...

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