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Minute Monday: Logs in the GUI 

12-17-2018 10:47

The logs page in the GUI is a new feature being released in the 4.0 software version of the 128T Networking Platform.


Have you ever needed to download log files off of a router? Or pull down PCAPs to help troubleshoot a user issue? Or Heaven forbid – have you ever been asked to provide a tech-support info file to 128 Technology for support with an issue? Well, we’ve been hard at work on making 4.0 the best software release we can… and we decided to give you a much, much better way of getting it done.

No more fussing around in the Linux shell. No more SCP, GZIP, or SFTP. In fact, we’re pretty sure the only four letter word you’ll be using will be AAAH. With three A’s.

Coming in the 4.0 software release of the 128T Networking Platform is the “Logs” page in the troubleshooting section of the GUI.

In this page, you can get the logs, PCAPs, and tech support info from any 128T in your entire network, from one spot. Check the files you want, click the download button, and you’ll get a ZIP file with all of the files, compressed, right within your browser. You then have these files to store and share as needed.


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